TIME .....TIME OUT.....  


Bonaparte's RetreatBonaparte's Retreat32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerMaddison Glover
Touch Of HeavenHeaven Cried32 Counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerSilvia D. Staiti
Gone WestGone West32 Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverG. O'Reilly, M. Gallagher
Half Past Tipsy1,2 Many48 Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverM.Glover & R.McEnaney
WintergreenWintergreen64 Counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateMaggie Gallagher


CowgirlsI Wanna Be a Farmer56 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateS.Fillion & C. Durand
Green Green Gras of HomeGreen Green Gras of Home32 Counts, 2 Wall, ImproverY. Verhaggen & D. Geelen
 StoryStory                                      Maddison GLover
Cherry BombCherry Bomb32 Counts,4 Wall, ImproverRob Fowler
CodigoCodigo32 Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverPat Stott
Bring Down The HouseBring Down The House32  Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverCormier/Henley
Dance AgainStanding Still32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerAdriano Castagnoli
Fake IDFake IDWorkshop: Flyin StepsAnneliFS



Wandering Hearts                 Wish You Could                      32 Counts, 2 Wall, High Improver  Maggie Gallagher        
10000 Reasons10000 Reasons32 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateJohnstone & Talbot
Come Dance With MeCome Dance With Me32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerJ.T. Szymanski
Tag OnToo Strong To Break64 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateD. Villellas
Friday At The DanceFriday At The Dance32 Counts, 3 Wall, IntermediateFowler & Sway
A Reel CraicLyin´Eyes64 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateWhittaker & Stott
Cards On The TableI´ll  Name The Dog32 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateM. Gallagher
All The King´s HorsesOut Of Sight64 Counts, 2 Wall IntermediateBiggs/Metelnick
Happy Happy HappySogy Bottom Sommer32 Counts, 2 Wall, Low IntermediateMa.A.M. Simon
Hold The LineHold The Line32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerArnaud Maraffa
Thanks A LotThanks A Lot64 Counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateMaribel Vives
Except MondayExcept For Monday64 Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverDiana Dawson


Tanz                   Song               Counts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by 
Dixie Road            Dixie Road               32 Counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateSue Smyth
Bring on The Good TimesBring on The Good Times32 Counts, 4 Wall, High BeginnerGary & Maggie
Gypsy QueenGypsy Queen32 Counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateHazel Pace
Blackpool By The SeaBlackpool By The Sea32 Counts, 4 Wall, Improver LevelGaye Teather
MissingMissing32 Counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateHeather Barton
Black HorseBlack Horse & The Cherrytree32 Counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateKate Sala
Dig Your HeelHere´s to you & IPhrased,  4 Wall, IntermediateMaddison Glover
Dancin The DustDirt On My Boots32 Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverTina Argyle
UntamedUntamed32 Counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateA. Broer
Nancy MulliganNancy Mulligan32 Counts, 4 Wall, ImproverM. Gallagher & O´Reilly
JRAll You Need is Me32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerGabi Ibanez
Golden Wedding RingGolden Ring32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerSeverine Dillion
Lonely DrumsLonely Drums32 Counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateDarren Mitchel
Chasing Down a Good TimeChasing Down a Good Time48 Counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateDan Albro


Tanz                   Song                         Counts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
P3Take It or Break It32 Counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerGabi Ibanez
Locklin´s BarLocklin´s Bar32 Counts, 2 Wall, Low IntermediateMaggie Gallagher
M & DDancing in The Moonlight32 Counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerM. Machu & D. Tritsch
Semiole WindSemiole Wind32 Counts, Circle Dance, BeginnerIconnu
AlcoholPut Some Alcohol On It32 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerBruno Morel
PowerSee You48 Counts, Contra Dance, BeginnerDavid Villellas
Stop, Staring At My EyesBoops32 Counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerNiels Poulson
7 Years Old7 Years Old16 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerM.Desire Nieto
Jolene, JoleneJolene, ft. CL Boss Hoss40 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateSilvia Schill
Come To DanceCarry Me Back To Virginia32 Counts, 1 Wall, Beginner, C DSéverine Fillion
Sheriff on FireBurning Ring Of Fire64 Counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerO.Tormo y Eli Cast.verine 
Ex´s & Oh´sEx´s & Oh´s32 Counts, 4 Wall, Low intermediateAmy Glass
Chuck & CowboyFound48 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateTexsval Del Campo
Million DollarMillion Dollar Blues32 Counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerAdriano Castagnoli
Patsy FaganPatsy Fagan32 Counts, 2 Wall, Intermediate lowFrancine Fagan
BountyBounty46 Counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateSéverine Fillion


TanzSongCounts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
Pontoon                Pontoon                    32 counts, 4 Wall, Beg./Inter/InterGail Smith          
I Wish You Were HereWish You Were Here32 counts, 4 Wall, ImproverNathan Gardiner
Sailor BoySailor Boy32 counts, 2 Wall, Beginner, Contra LDAngèle Vidal
Down To The RiverGoing Down To The River64 counts, 2 Wall, High IntermediatedKlara Wallman
MuntsaKids Forever64 counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateDavid `Lizard´Villellas
Train Of DreamsTrains I Missed32 counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateJ.Saez & The Dreamers
This & ThatWoman32 counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerGary Lafferty
Eyes Wide OpenDreaming Eyes Wide Open32 counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateLois Lightfoot
CheerleaderCheerleader Remix32 counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateStefan "Svensken" Schützer
Lord Help MELord Help Me32 counts, 4 Wall, Low Intermediate Mary Sorensen
Tell The WorldTell The World32 counts, 4 Wall, Low IntermediateRobbie McGowanHickie
We Only Live OnceWe Only Live once64 counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateRobbie McGowanHickie
Stop And CafeJack´s Truck Stop & Cafe32 counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateAdriano Castagnoli
Country in My GenesCountry in My Genes38 Counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerGabi & Evi  LDF Lotte


Silver Lining                 Silver Lining                   32 counts, 4 Wall, Beg./InterMagggie Gallagher
I´ll Tell Me MaI´ll Tell Me Ma32 counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateTina Dippe
StripesStripes64 counts, 4 Wall, ImproverRia Vos
Better TimesBetter Times A Comin32 counts, 4 Wall, Beg./InterP.E. Stott & V. Morris
The Boat To LiverpoolOn The Boat To Liverpoll32 counts, 4 Wall, Low Intermediate Ros Brown
After the StormCalm After The Storm32 counts, 2 Wall, BeginnerTina Argyle
Raggle Taggle Gypsy ORaggle Taggle Gypsy...32 counts, 4 Wall, ImproverMaggie Gallagher
Bible BeltBible Belt32 counts, 2 Wall, IntermediateF.Ouhibi & V.Barjaud
Corn Don´t GrowWhere Corn Don´t Grow64 counts, 4 Wall IntermediateTina Argyle


Tanz           Song          Counts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
The Belle of LiverpoolThe Belle of Liverpool64 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateAudrey Watson
Shooting Stars & Fairy TalesShooting Stars & Fairy Tales48 counts, 2 wall, BeginnerMarcus Zeckert
Some NightsSome Nights64 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateMaggie Gallager
Autumm LeavesThe Sally Gardens32 counts, 2 wall, BeginnerChristiane Bothe
Country StrongThat Changes Everything64 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateMario Niederhuber
ReflectionDa Roots64 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateAlison Johnstone
DrivenDrive84 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateRob Fowler
Beautiful DayA Beautiful Day32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerGaye Teather
Bonfire HeartBonfire Heart32 counts, 4 wall, Beg./InterChrista Wilke 
Move In The Right DirectionMove In The Right Direction32 counts, 4 Wall, BeginnerMichele Godard
So Wake Me UpWake Me Up32 counts, 4 Wall, IntermediateTobias Jentzsch


Tanz SongCounts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
I Will DanceI Will Dance 34 counts, 2 wall, Beginner/Inter.P. & M.Steinborn
Calypso MexicoCalypso Mexico64 counts, 4 wall, Intermediate Ria Vos 
LoslappieLoslappie 64 counts, 2 wall, Beginner/Inter.Val Cronin
Lekker LekkerLekker Lekker32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerJ. & K.
Askin´ QuestionsAskin´Questions32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerLarry Bass
Open Heart CowboyLittle Yellow Blanket64 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateSandrine Tassinari, M. Lebrun
Whiskeys GoneWhiskeys Gone72 counts, 4 wall , Beginner/Inter. Rob Fowler
The GamblerThe Gambler 32 counts, 4 wall, Beginner/Inter.Guy Dubé & Denis Henley
ClichèModern Day B. & Clyde
34 counts, 4 wall, Intermediate

Kate Sala

Be StrongThe Words I Love You32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerAudrey Watson
Friday YetIs It Friday Yet64 counts, 2 wall, Beginner/Inter.Nadia Krieg
Rock Paper ScissorsRock Paper Scissors36 counts, 4 Wall, Beg./Inter.Maggie Gallagher

The Blarney Roses

The Blarney Roses
34 counts, 2 wall, Beg./Inter.

Maggie Gallagher

Truck A TruckA Girl Who Loves To Truck34 counts, 4 wall, Beg./InterJóse Ferrer
Never Never Cha ChaNever Giving Up One Love32 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateGeoff Langord
Half Past Nothin´Knock Knock64 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateN. Fitzgerald & J. Harries
Disappearing Tail LightsDisappearing Tail Lights32 counts, 4 wall, Beg./Inter.A. Biggs & P. Metelnick
One ShotLove in One Shot64 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateNahman
Skiffle TimeMama don't Allow64 counts, 2 wall, Inter./Im.Darren (Daz) Bailey



Tanz SongCounts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
You Belong With MeYou Belong With Me 48 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateHeiko Lattner
Forever And EverForever And Ever, Amen64 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerBenny Ray Naayen
People Are CrazyPeople Are Crazy64 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateGaye Teather
CockadoodleShe Rules The Roost32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerDaan Geelen, K. Sala
MeanMean48 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerZlatimir Geleta
Crazy DevilDevil On The Loose64 counts, 2 wall, Beginner/Inter.Mundy, Fowler, Bennett
Under The SunUnder The Sun32 counts, 2 wall, BeginnerK. Chang, S. Hsu
Knee DeepKnee Deep64 counts, 4 wall, ImproverYvonne Anderson
Homeward BoundTake Me Home64 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerP. & K. Dornstedt
Af En AfAf En AfPhrased, 2 wall, BeginnerGudrun Schneider
Something In The WaterSomething In The Water32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerNiels B. Poulsen
Cowboy Hip HopYippy Ti Yi Yo32 counts, 1 wall, BeginnerV. Vance-Johnson
Tango With The SheriffCha Tango48 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerAdrian Churm
Martini MomentsA Night Like This64 counts, 4 wall, ImproverFranciien Sittrop
High Test LoveHigh Test Love32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerMax Perry
The FluteThe Flute64 counts, 3 wall, ImproverMaggie Gallagher
Spanish LadySpanish Lady32 counts, 4 wall, ImproverDougie D.
TelepathyYou Can´t Read My Mind64 counts, 2 wall, Beginner/Inter.Chris Hodgons
Chicken Fried StompChicken Fried64 counts, 4 wall, ImproverY, Zielonka-Hlousek
We Own The NightWe Own The Night32 counts, 4 wall, ImproverP. Metelnick, A. Biggs



Tanz SongCounts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
Baby Ride EasyBaby Ride Easy36 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateDynamite Dot
Somebody Like YouSomebody Like You48 counts, 2 wall, IntermediateAlan G. Birchall
Rama Lama Ding DongRama Lama Ding Dong32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerS. Schalewa
Cabo San LucasCabo San Lucas32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerRep Ghazali
Don´t You WishDon´t You Wish32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerDaisy Simons
Mama MariaMama Maria32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerFrank Trace
Let´s ChillIce Cream Freeze32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerVivienne Scott
Rhyme Or ReasonIt Happens64 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateRachael McEnaney
Dancing ViolinsDuelling ViolinsPhrased, 2 wall, IntermediateMaggie Gallagher
Lousiana SwingHome To Lousiana32 counts, 4 wall, ImproverKate Sala
ToesToes32 counts, 4 wall, ImproverRachael McEnaney
WakiraWaka Waka32 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateMaggie Gallagher
Time To SwingTime To Swing48 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateAndrew Palmer, Sheila Cox
No Matter WhatNo Matter What32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerMike Hitchen
MT PocketsIf The Devil Danced32 counts, 4 wall, SocialJessica & Kelli Haugen
Quarter After OneNeed You Now56 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateLevi J. Hubbard
HeleleHelele32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerAndreas Wenk
Jacob´s LadderJacob´s Ladder48 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateGordon Elliot



Tanz SongCounts, Wall, LevelChoreographed by
Jailhouse CreoleJailhouse Rock32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerDouble Trouble
Shake Me, Shake MeYou Still Shake Me32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerTimothy Regester
Lookin´ 4 TroubleThe Devil & Me32 counts, 4 wall, Beginner/Inter.Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs
Ticks In The MoonlightTicks32 counts, 2 wall, BeginnerHolly Ruschman
Jamaica MistakaAlmost Jamaica32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerPeter Metelnick, Chris Hodgson
T.L.C.I Need Your Love32 counts, 2 wall, BeginnerSteve Mason
Hello BabyCantilly Lane48 counts, 4 wall, IntermediateAnke & Achim Daß
Get Your Feed Down1,2,3Pharsed, 2 wall, IntermediateMichelle Chandonnet
Friend For TenA Friend I Need32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerHeighway, Teacher, Payne
Summer FlySummer Fly32 counts, 2 wall, BeginnerGeoffery Rothwell
Bad Moon RisingBad Moon Rising32 counts, 2 wall, Beginner/Inter.Dianne Joseph
Dance Like You Are The Only OneSun Goes Down32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerTeresa Lawrence, Vera Fisher
My New LifeHigh Class Lady48 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerJohn Offermans
Good TimeGood Time40 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerJenny Cain
All Summer LongAll Summer Long  
God Bless TexasGog Blessed Texas  
Wild Wild WestWild, Wild West  
Hooked On CountryHooked On Country32 counts, 4 wall, BeginnerDoung Miranda
Irish SpiritCeltic Rock32 counts, 4 wall, IntermadiateMaggie Gallagher




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